Mr.Shot Beta 1.3.1

Take a screenshot of anything on your PC

Mr.Shot lets you take screenshots on your PC from three perspectives, in a few easy clicks. View full description


  • Take screenshots from three different perspectives
  • Easily change the hot keys
  • Many settings to choose from


  • Takes time to learn how to manipulate the shots


Mr.Shot lets you take screenshots on your PC from three perspectives, in a few easy clicks.

With only a few options to click on when you first start the program, Mr.Shot is relatively easy to figure out in a short amount of time. If you go to the options bar first, you'll see the three screen capture options: desktop, window, and clip. With the desktop hot key option, you can capture the entirety of your desktop in seconds. The window option refers mainly to capturing content on web browsers or other program windows that doesn't fill the entire screen. The last handy option is to take a screenshot of a clip, whether in your browser window or a program on your desktop. If you prefer to use other keys, Mr.Shot allows you to define your own hot keys in the options menu.

You can also choose to save your new screenshots on Mr.Shot as JPG or BMP files, as well as on your clipboard. Mr.Shot also has an option for you to determine which folder you want each screenshot saved to. All these features are found within the options menu and are easy to configure in just a few minutes.

Taking a screenshot on Mr.Shot is easy too. Simply click the hot keys and you've got your screenshot, which will display in the Mr.Shot window. From there, you can opt to discard the screenshot or save it. In this updated version, previous problems with the program freezing appear to have been entirely fixed. There also did not seem to be any difficulties with the program recognizing the hot key buttons either. Users may still find it takes them a little while to learn just how to use Mr.Shot, but once they get the hang of it the program is a good way to easily capture screenshots on a PC.

Overall, Mr.Shot is an easy and effective way to capture a variety of different screenshots on your PC.


  • Ability to change format to jpeg, bmp
  • Clipboard at shot preview
  • Draw selection box for clipping


Mr.Shot Beta 1.3.1

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  • induscreed07

    by induscreed07

    "Issues mentioned above are fixed with version 1.31"

    Features: Capture Desktop : Control + D Capture Window : Control + W Capture Clip : Control + Z (Click 'N Drag) Custo...   More.